Alvanista has been in a fast cycle of development. We’re launching a lot of features this week and it should be expected the same for the next few weeks. In about one or two months, we should arrive in a stable version and leave the beta label behind. Our roadmap has been changing a lot and every feedback is important to our decisions of what should come next.

New interface

The new interface is not a dramatic change from the old one. We abandoned the Vimeo-like balloons for a more clean “presentation card” style. This new look should feel more harmonic and it’s opening space for some new features.

New Interface

New Interface

New notification system

We included a new notification panel in the home screen where you can quickly find important updates related to yourself. We also included a notification by e-mail with a digest of the important updates that happened in the last day so you can always now what’s happening.

Ordering of the updates by relevance

We improved the ordering of the updates showing first what’s more relevant to you. With this new ordering, hot topics will last longer in the top of the update feed.

Company profile

We launched a initial version of the company profile. With this new functionality, users are allowed to browse companies, follow their favorite companies and receive updates of new games published that are related to their followed companies. A lot of improvements are expected in the next releases.

Companies Interface

Company Profile

Improvements in the Facebook integration

Alvanista now has a better integration with Facebook with micro-updates. These are non-intrusive updates that stay in the Activity panel in Facebook. Any notification can be turned off any time by editing your profile options.

What’s next?

Next week, we expect improvements in the company profile and Facebook integration. We’re also going to improve the communication channel among users. Visit Alvanista and give us some feedback. =)