Alvanista is a social network for gamers made by fans for fans. It’s a social platform where you can build and share your game collection, review games and create lists. Alvanista is now in public beta (that can be accessed in and it’s growing fast, with new features every week.

Alvanista home screen

Why we created Alvanista?

Alvanista was conceived by the necessity of one of the authors of the project. Until now, it is complicated to share the games you own, want and like to a trivial purpose: to borrow games among friends. It’s a simple problem and there is no elegant solution at our reach. Some people told us they were using spreadsheets with that purpose, but it was really complicated and ineffective. While modeling a simple online system with that purpose, we saw that there was potential to create a platform where we could create a rich social environment all around gaming.

Game collection

Our games database was created seeking games of the popular platforms, from the past with the classic 8-bit consoles to nowdays with modern smartphones. Our database is not perfect, but we’re continuously improving it. There are some missing games, specially the less known ones. Some of our users are reporting missing games and errors and we deeply appreciate that. With this colaboration of our users, Alvanista has all the potential to have one of the best game databases of the Internet.

Alvanista has integration with PSN, Live and Steam. With a username in one or more of those services, Alvanista can import games and progress of registered in the network. In the future, Alvanista will also be able to import trophies and achievements.

Users can interact with games using six basic actions: love, have, want, playing, played and finished. Each action is made for the user to express himself concerning that game. Based on these actions, there are rankings of games for each interaction and separeted by platform. The set of your actions will create your gaming profile. In the future, Alvanista will give you precise recommendations in games you don’t know and it’s all based in the user’s gaming profile.

Alvanista interactions: love, have, want, playing, played and finished

User content

Since it’s inception, we’re seeking new and creative ways for users to express themselves. Users can comment and give 1UPs for interactions in the news feed creating nice discussion threads. Games can be reviwed by users, these reviews can be read by other users and can be marked as useful. There is also the possibility on creating lists of games that users can share and comment. These list can be simple as the best games of your life or the list of games you want to sell. We’re seeking new ways to add user content to Alvanista and we love to receive any feedback from users.

The future of Alvanista

Alvanista is in its initial phase and we expect it will rapidly grow with new feauters every week. Do you think something is missing? We love to receive feedback and suggestions and it has strongly influenced the development of Alvanista. Visit Alvanista and give us a comment or two.